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ペットと学ぶ from LinkedIn vol.6-10 (日本語と英語)


IIJ Americaの公式LinkedInアカウントで投稿している「ペットと学ぶ」シリーズでは、IIJ America社員のペット達の行動や表情になぞらえて、サイバー攻撃からの防御の注意喚起をしています。

本ブログでは、IIJA Learning with Pets 6 - 10 をご紹介します。

【IIJA Learn with Pets 6】


"Are you sure you want to be clicking on that URL?"

Memphis-Kun is always cautious and has doubt in his eyes. This is the perfect mindset for a Zero Trust approach.

As attackers develop new methods and strategies of intrusion, it is outdated to trust access based on usernames and passwords, which can be easily compromised or purchased on the dark web.


【IIJA Learning with pets 7】

Teamwork is the key to success for any organization. At IIJ America we know each of our employees can shine in their own way, but working together we can shine much brighter.

With sister companies worldwide and a backbone that circumnavigates the globe, IIJ America is a great place to advance or start your IT career.


【IIJA Learning with Pets 8】

Recently, at Central Park, two dogs were able to sneak into a human yoga class and gain access to the lesson. Thankfully, this security breach didn't cause any issues.

Hackers can use phishing E-mails or E-mail Spoofing to gain access to important data. With over 85% of security breaches being linked to human error, the best way to protect yourself is to raise the security awareness of your whole team.

Improve your Cyber Security Awareness today with IIJA Managed Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program!


【IIJA Learning With Pets 9】

Fico has the tendency to attack and destroy furniture. He has destroyed a couch before Akinori set up a "Honey Pot" and observes Fico's attack patterns to learn and prepare for future attacks.

There are many different ways to improve your (intrusion detection system). Start your conversation about cybersecurity with our specialists now!

Akinoriさん のサイバー犬の一員であるフィコは、脅威となることがあります。フィコは家具を攻撃する方法を知っています。以前、ソファを破壊されたので、ハニーポットを設置し、実害が出ないようにしました。家の安全を守る為、Akinoriさんはブルーチームとして、時々彼の行動を観察し、攻撃方法を学んでいます。



【IIJA Learning With Pets 10】

This is the disappointed face your security team makes when they find out “another” employee accidentally clicked on a malicious link.

According to a study by IBM, up to 95% of breaches can be traced back to human error. Providing the right tools and training for your employees, to ensure they are educated and aware of the latest cyber security trends, will protect your business from cyber-attacks.

Start your Cyber Security Awareness Training journey with us today.



いかがでしたか? サイバー脅威はとても身近なところにあります!







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