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Learning with Pets from LinkedIn vol.1-5 (English)

Hi everyone, this is Tuna. "Learning with pets" is a mini-series on the IIJ America official LinkedIn page.

Here we try to talk about some IT topics through our pets. All the animals that show up in our posts are pets (families) of IIJ America employees.

Take a break, relax, and check out some of the funny things our pets did, and maybe it will help you feel closer to IT topics.

In this post, we will be reviewing IIJA Learning with Pets 1 - 5.

【IIJA Learning with Pets 1】

I use the same tactics as Phishing E-mail attackers to give medicine to Ollie. Ollie has a hurt paw and needs to take some medication. If he knows it is medicine, he will not eat it, but if we mix it with treats, he will eat it happily. Watch out for Phishing E-mails trying to get you to bite with Amazon gift cards or other attractive gifts!

Learn more about IIJA's Cyber Security Awareness Training Program here.


【IIJA Learning With Pets 2】

I monitor Ollie when he drives.

Even with a trusted driver, you can never know what can happen on the road. Same in the IT world! We never know when an incident or an accident can happen. With 24/7 monitoring and capabilities to respond to incidents, you can stay safe even in the case of an incident.

This is how IIJA can help you build your response capabilities: IIJA Managed EDR Service


【IIJA Learning with Pets 3】

This is the pose Luna-chan makes when she detects intruders in the house. She examines and checks each person that enters her domain.

Does your network have a Luna-chan?

Cybercriminals are leveraging compromised usernames and P.W to gain access to critical business data, driving the need for a Zero Trust approach across various business sectors.

Start your Zero Trust Journey here with a free trial:


【IIJA Learning With Pets 4】

Luna & Luna. Coincidentally, these two cats have the same name!

This reminds me to remind you that impersonation happens more often than you think, and impersonation e-mail attacks are one of the main tactics used by cyber-criminals.

Well-made impersonation e-mails can seem like it is truly from the impersonated person.

But, if you look closely, the subject or body might have some suspicious things. Are they asking for information they would usually have already? Would they really contact you for this specific information?

Learn more about our E-mail Security Options Here


【IIJA Learning with pets 5】

Here is Fico and Ebisu working together to make Akinori happy after making a mess in his room.

This is their "damage control". When there is an incident, they make sure to act cute so they can get treats and forgiveness from Akinori.

Make sure your organization has the proper incident management policies in place so you know how to react in the case of an incident.

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I hope you enjoyed our pets being silly, and it would be a huge bonus if even one of these topics made a memorable impression on you.

If you are interested or curious about any of the topics mentioned in this blog, please feel free to reach out to us.

For a free consultation, demo, or trial, please contact us from the following web form.





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